Aldonza + Luke - Engagement Session, Bristol, VA.

As a professional photographer, I am on the constant lookout for optimal light. There are times when I am pleasantly surprised by the lighting scenarios in which I find myself shooting in - the prime example being this refreshing engagement session with Luke and Aldonza. 

Originally we planned on shooting during the evening; but, due to the predication of ominous weather, we decided to opt out for an early morning shoot - and I'm so glad we did! I met with Aldonza and Luke at Sugar Hollow Park bright and early on a misty May morning. We captured images in and around the Black Forest, a popular place to shoot, but somehow it never loses its wonder. I absolutely loved working with this couple - they brought so much fun and energy just by being themselves. Congratulations to Luke and Aldonza on their recent engagement! I wish you many blessings as you enter a new chapter in life together. It was an honor to capture your portraits.